14 Day Slimming Herbal Teatox

14 Day Slimming Herbal Teatox

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14 Day Slimming Herbal Teatox

Formulated to help:

Reduce body fat

Aid weight Loss

Increase Metabolism

Suppress Appetite

Improve Mood

Natural Body Cleanse


How to prepare this tea:

Simply place teabag in your cup/mug, bring water to boil, then pour 4-6 oz over the tea bag. Let the tea steep for 3-4 minutes, discard the bag and enjoy!


CQ Slimming Herbal Teatox is a high-quality loose leaf herbal mix that contains powerful blend of senna leaf, lotus leaf, chamomile, pu'erth leaf, sencha green tea, lemon grass, garcinia cambogia extract, rhubarb root, fennel, marsh mallow leaf, holy thistle leaf, malva leaf, goji berries, dandelion leaf, rose flower, persimmon leaf and thyme leaf.