Knuckle Care Set

Knuckle Care Set

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The Knuckle set comes with the Knuckle wash, Knuckle toner, Knuckle cream and Knuckle solution. 

Having dark knuckles can be a difficult thing to deal with for women of colour. It could be genetic, having them naturally or they could have been induced either by bleaching, excessive tanning, exposure to extreme/hazardous washing agents. It could also be a health issue or based on how you use your hands like exposure to chemicals such as washing agents and bleach or dryness of the hand.

CQ knuckle set will help peel off the dark skin and hyper-pigmentation. As we all know that the skin around the knuckle is tough and any lasting routine must have the ability to keep the area soft to enable it absorb any treatment. The hand is used a lot so the routine must focus on pampering those hands.

The Knuckle set comes with instruction on how to use.



Baking soda



Almond oil

Aloe vera

Vitamin E